Always apply for financial aid, even if you think you make too much to qualify.

At D 'Youville, our counselors are committed to exploring a full range of financial aid to make your education as affordable 尽可能的. 事实上,每个学生都是如此 of income level, is eligible for some sort of assistance.

When you apply for admission to D 'Youville, you are automatically considered for a 优点 奖学金这将成为你经济援助计划的一部分. 你也可能有资格申请其他 奖学金, 奖助金, 贷款 而且 勤工助学 to help make your education as affordable 尽可能的.



Your applications for financial aid should be submitted as early 尽可能的 in order 获得优先考虑.
Request a FSA ID from the Department of 教育 so you can electronically sign your 联邦学生资助免费申请(FAFSA). 这份FAFSA表格决定了你的 eligibility for 政府ernment financial aid—including 奖助金, 贷款, 而且 勤工助学. If you're a dependent student, You 而且 your parent can both request a unique FSA ID 完成签名要求.
  • 创建 您的FSA ID
  • 创建 a folder (virtual or paper) to keep all of your financial aid related documents 在一个地方.
Complete your 联邦学生资助免费申请(FAFSA) as early 尽可能的.
FAFSA从10月1日开始生效. 在线完成你的FAFSA. 确保 to list D 'Youville school code 002712 on the application, so D 'Youville's 财务援助办公室将收到您的信息.
If you're a New York State resident, starting in 10月 you should apply for TAP (学费资助计划). Application processing for TAP usually takes from six 到八周. 一定要列出迪尤维尔学校的代码0195.
Submit all the necessary paperwork or applications for any private or outside 奖学金 你可能有资格.
Watch for e-mail/mail from the Department of 教育, confirming that your application 是加工过的. 的y will also send you a Student Aid Report (SAR), which summarizes your financial aid eligibility for any federal programs.
Review the SAR to make sure it's accurate 而且 that the D 'Youville school code 002712 上市. 如有必要,请更正FAFSA上的任何错误.
You may be selected for verification based on your FAFSA application. 如果您被选中, it means you'll need to verify certain information on your FAFSA.  你可能会被问到 to submit additional documentation to complete this task.
FAFSA的截止日期是3月2日. 请务必在此日期前提交您的FAFSA.
Receive admissions notification(s) 而且 your award letter notification detailing the 迪尤维尔提供给你的一揽子经济援助 . 收到获奖通知后, you have 10 days to accept or decline your aid, 你可以在网上做什么. (你的奖 信中会有如何做到这一点的说明.)
做出入学决定 如有要求,请提交入学保证金.
Notify any schools that you have chosen not to attend that have accepted you that 你不能参加.
After you 而且/or your parents file your federal income tax returns, you can correct 任何有关您的FAFSA的估计信息.
五月 1 is the final deadline for New York State residents seeking TAP aid. 确保 填写你的申请表.



Starting 10月 1st, fill out the 联邦学生资助免费申请(FAFSA). 的 FAFSA is your first step in applying for financial aid 而且 is required to be considered for need-based aid, including 奖助金, 贷款 而且 勤工助学.


  • 你的FAFSA的D 'Youville学校代码是002712.
  • You must file a FAFSA before each academic year to be considered for financial aid.
  • To receive priority funding, file your FAFSA as early as 10月 1 but no later than 4月15日.
  • Complete the FAFSA online (recommended) or by using a paper form.
  • 的 金融援助 Office may ask you for additional documents after you file your FAFSA. Check your e-mail account often, 而且 make sure you submit any additional documents 尽快.


After completing your FAFSA, you may be selected for verification based on your application. Students can be selected for verification by either the federal 政府ernment or by D 'Youville . To avoid delays, please submit all required documents promptly. 更多的信息 可以找到的 FAFSA验证 页面.


探索 奖助金, which are financial aid awards that do not need to be repaid. 资助对象是 students who demonstrate financial need 而且 are based on your FAFSA.


Last, If your family's expected contributions fall short of 学费 costs, explore 贷款. 联邦贷款 而且 私人贷款 是可用的.


Your financial need is determined by adding up the total cost of attendance, including 学费费用、食宿费和额外费用. 然后减去你对你家人的期望 支付. 的 remainder is considered your financial need, 而且 typically is met with 混合的 奖学金, 奖助金, 贷款 而且 勤工助学. After you submit your application for financial aid, you will receive a financial aid award notification from D 'Youville, typically in early to mid-3月 (if you're 申请秋季入学). 


Your award letter tells you how much financial aid you are eligible to receive. 请 read your award letter very carefully 而且 respond to the requests in a timely fashion.


  • Upon receiving your letter, you may need to accept or decline certain aid offerings, 你可以在网上做什么. (你的奖 信中会有如何做到这一点的说明.)
  • If you receive TAP (New York State 学费 Assistance), please note that at the time of packaging, the amount listed on your award letter by D 'Youville is only an estimate. To see the exact amount of TAP that you entitled to, refer to the TAP Award Letter. 一定要打电话给你的 经济援助顾问 如果有差异,我们可以更新您的奖励.
  • If you plan to receive a 奖学金 from an outside source, please provide your financial aid counselor with a copy of the award letter 而且 any other related material.
  • 是否有其他信息缺失或不准确? 联系你的经济援助顾问 马上纠正信息.
  • 你是迪尤维尔的新学生吗 ? If so, you must meet with your 经济援助顾问 来确定你能借到的最大金额. 如果你在申请联邦贷款, you'll need to complete an online Direct Loan Entrance Interview 而且 a Direct Loan 主本票 热门产品.政府.
  • If your needs aren't fully met by federal programs or 奖学金 而且 奖助金, 而且 你需要一个私人贷款,审查和比较我们的 优先贷款机构名单.

D 'Youville代码

迪尤维尔联邦学校代码: 002712

D’youville TAP(本科生): 0195