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2009 Trip Reports

Jan 09 Trip Report

January was our rig resting month. We had our year end awards party instead of wheeling.

February 09 Trip Report

Clint was our trip leader and we went somewhere in SD in search of deep snow.

March Trip Report

By Rich Champion

It was a cold, dark morning on March 7th, as we headed to Casper. In attendance: Robbie & Amy, Troy, Gavin, Dalton & a Guest, Rich & Bear, Mike, and Travis Sullivan as a guest. We met Mike in Casper, at Smiths around 8:00am. Then we headed out to Coal Mountain. The Casper group had about 15 rigs. They held a drivers meeting and then we split into two groups. Our trail leader was Dave in the little green Sami, he lead us to some really big rocks up there and told us to do anything we wanted, so we did. Around lunch time the other group caught up with us, and it got really crowded, so Robbie and I went in search for some new terrain, Robbie found a hill with some snow on it, so we slid down it. About 6 tries each later we finally made it back to the top. We radioed too the rest of the group that we found some snow. They came over and played there for a while. Then we met a couple of guys on 4 wheelers and they told us where we could find more snow. So we back tracked and went the direction they pointed us in, about an hour later and a lot muddier, we found some snow and a road closed sign, we turned around and went back to our trailers, loaded up and went back to Casper to find some dinner.

lander trip report

rough rider trip report

poison spider challenge report

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