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2012 Meeting Minutes

2012 Meeting Minutes

January Meeting Minutes

Meeting was brought to order

roll call: rich, jim, john, dean, troy, shelley, mike l, jason, tyler, peter, mike d, red, riley.

no guests present:

treasurers report: prev bal 717.72, paid out 75 in prize money, paid out 257.57 to reimburse for renewing website and ordering year end awards,new balance $385.15

old business, checking account has been updated. statements go to deans house, dean and rich are authorized signers.

new business: dues are due. $50 single/family, $25 associate dues, $60 for new members. dues will be deliquent if not paid by march and you will lose your membership number.

ballots were passed out and voting commenced.

president: Jim Letzring
vp: Peter Angelos
sec/treas: Dean Thompson
pub relations: Jason Borchgrevian
BOD: Mike Loutas, Troy Shanks, Kip Keim
webby, Dean Thompson

tyler talk time

new associate member: brian ulberg via website

meeting adjourned.

Feb Meeting Minutes

Minutes from February 2012 general membership meeting
Meeting was brought to order by our President, Jim Letzring at 7:02 pm
Roll Call was taken and recorded prior to start of the meeting, members present were: Red, Robbie, Mike D, Jim, Jason, Dean, Mike L, Rich, Riley, Kip and Darren.
There were no guests present.
Treasurers Report, previous balance was 385.15, deposits of 348.50 from dues and shirt sales along with expenditures of 314.48 for awards and table rental for awards party creates a current balance of 419.17
Read and approved minutes from last meeting.
Dues are due now and delinquent if not paid before March meeting.
No trip for Feb is planned.
Need ideas/submissions for new logo for 2012 as it’s our 10th anniversary.
Mike L announced that Dave and Loren from Casper upgraded their Associate membership to full memberships this year.
Dean brought up moving due date for membership dues to due in Jan and delinquent in Feb to make website roster and memberships in UFWDA, Blue Ribbon and Tread Lightly easier. Will bring to BOD for approval.
Darren let us know he is going to Moab April 28- May 4 and invited anyone to come along.
Kip and Darea suggested a Jeep Rodeo/BBQ/Camp fire out at Brians in April for all the members B Days that month.
Kip showed video of his arm breaking during arm wrestling last weekend.
Tyler was not present for the meeting so we asked Jason to speak. He does a very good impression of a cricket.
Meeting was adjourned.

March Meeting

3/6/2012, March Meeting.
Meeting was brought to order by our President Jim Letzring at 7pm
Members present were: Mike L, Jim, Mike D, Dean, Kip, John, Peter, Red, Jason, Shelley, Tyler and Riley.

We had 2 guests present, Shane(reds son) and Justin,has a cherokee xj)

Treasurers report, prev bal 419.17, dep 411, new bal 830.17, collected 100 in dues before meeting new new bal 930.17.

Minutes from previous meeting were read and approved.

No trip report from feb, no trip.

OLD Business, taking artwork and/or ideas for this years wearables to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

New Business- Flower bed was brought up and approved to do it again this year.

north dakota event date has been set, see the staging area on the website.

dakota challenge apps are out. cluub will send off our entries at the end of the month, lets us know who is going. also planned in staging area on the forums.

march club run to be planned in staging area on forums. post up please.

meeting adjourned.

April Meeting

4/3/12, April Meeting
Meeting was brought to order by our President, Jim Letzring at 7pm.
Members in Attendance: Kip, Dara, Mike, Shelley, John, Red, Rich, Tyler, Riley, Peter, Jason, Scott, Troy and Jim.
We had one guest present; Steve with a Toyota
Treasurers report, new balance is $305.17. renewals for blue ribbon, tread lightly and united four wheel drive association.
Minutes from previous meeting were read and approved.
No trip report from march: no trip
Old business: Flower bed stuff was turned and are waiting to hear from the city. Dara had a new drawing for this year’s wearables for the 10th anniversary celebration.
New business: need to get all the drawing scanned and put on the website for voting to get the new design and wearables out.
Club apps for the Dakota challenge will get mail out on 6 April.
April club run is being planned as 14-15 April to run Bikini/T-Back (depending on receipt of moisture in the Hills) or an alternate area in the Hills with less fire danger. 21 April is car show (trying to contact Ed Kirchoff for details) and/or a local event (Howards possibly).
Meeting adjourned.

May Meeting Minutes

Minutes provided by Jim, Dec/Treas not present

It was discussed that we should put the anniversary date on the front emblem

Mud drags Memorial weekend in Douglas. (I have posted the card that rich had with the info on it)

We had talked about looking into grant money for the off road park and there were a few things that came up with that.

Find the jeep jambo guys in Sheridan and talk to them about trail access

Talk to the city about possible off road park

Wheeling events were discussed also:

Memorial weekend and mike D. birthday party

Club picture on the rocks at Shoshoni Pit (probably have to talk to MGM)

May 19th Black Hills open

June 9 Crawl in @ Brad Reagan’s (SD)

May 24th 11-2 benefit event

It was also brought up that the contact info on the home page needs updated.

Also need to update info on the members

Update links of the Home page also

There was also some discussion about creating a “New Member Packet” to give the new members more info on the other members of the club.

Members present were Kip, Mike L, Peter, Red, Mike D, Riley, Rich, Jason (Billy Gibbons) Borchgrevink and guest (matt)


June Meeting Minutes

7pm, meeting was brought to order.

members present were: ron, rich, riley, jim, jason, john, mike L, dean, red, mike d and peter.

guests( tron) returning founding member

treasurers report 375.17

read last months minutes from jims email and minutes were approved

discussed 10th anniversary logo. crest logo with 10th anniversary in it and 2002-2012 on the front breast of the t shirt. huge pitbull rocker tread mark on backs of shirt straight up and down with club banner at top. grey t shirts with blac and blue print were decided on.

order thread in the forums will be posted.

we will be entering the 4th of july parade
jeep camp coming up
riggins crawl in this weekend

meeting adjourned

July Meeting Minutes

July 3rd meeting minutes
Roll call, members in attendance were: tyler, mike l, john, rich, kip, jim, dean, riley
Guests were: chad gill, 2012 jk 4 door
Meeting was brought to order by the prez,
Read and approved minutes from last meeting
Treasurers report was 375.17, recorded a 50 dollar deposit, new balance 425.17
Trip reports,
Mike l and dean talked about jeep camp 2012
Tyler talked about intro to black hills trip
Jim, troy and peter went to hal johns
Riley, dean, rich and kip went to riggens crawl in
New business:
July trip Newcastle july 28th
Shanks july 14-15 blackhills
T shirts, proof to be done this week, order thread to be posted on site.
Not in parade this year due to new rules
Motion to adjourn

August Meeting Minutes

meeting was brought to order
roll call, members present were, mike l, dean, jim, red, troy, peter, ron, jason and riley.
no guests today
read and approved minutes from last meeting
treasurers report 425.17
trip reports
troy talked about july trip see website, jim reported on watford city trip see website, riley reported on tback/bikini run he went on
unfinished business
t shirts. close order on friday 8-10, prices posted by 8-15 need money by 8-24.
newcastle on hold due to fires
dakota challenge starts 8-30
meeting adjourned

September Club Meeting Minutes

meeting was brought to order

roll call, members present were,
mike l, dean, rich, red, jason, peter, ron, jim, mike d and riley.
no guests
read minutes from last meeting and approved
treasurers report 25.67 paid for t shirts, club owes dean 54.64 for balance of t shirts
inventory of shirts 2 xl hoodies 25$ea, 2 3x t shirts 15$ea, 1 2x long sleeve t shirt $10, 4 xl t shirts $10 ea

trip reports from dtc 2012, see post on forums. riley,john, peter, dean and mike l attended.

new business, club run 9-29 to the nasties, planning details in the forums

meeting adjourned

October club meeting

oct 2, general membership meeting.

meeting brought to order
roll call, dean, jim, troy, tyler, ron, riley, red, rich, mike l and peter.
no guests
treasurers report, 25.67
trip reports, camp 5, dean, peter, mike l attended. picutres videos and report in the forums.
old business. club owes dean 54.64 for balance of shirt order. funds pulled upon receipt of funds from either dues or sales.
next trip t back, oct 20th
meeting adjourned

November Club Meeting

members present were:
mike l, red, dean, mike D, jim, tyler

treas report 25.67

new member tron riley joined last month.
veterans day parade coming up, jason to pickup entry form
christmas parade coming up, jason to pickup entry
BOD meeting sunday after v day parade at uncle freddys

november club trip to be sunday 11-18 to camp 5. leave camplex at 7am
see the forum for details

meeting adjourned


BOD meeting, members present, mike L, dean, jason, jim and rich as a guest.

club is doing fine, no news, meeting adjourned.

december meeting

members present were: mike L, jim, dean, mike D, red, jason, peter and tron.

minutes from last meeting were read and approved.

treas report, 25.67

jim paid for entry into parade of lights, funds traded for 2013 dues.
club still owes dean 52.45 for shirt order, debt traded for 2013 dues.

trip reports: veterans day parade, november trip to black hills and parade of lights. trip reports in the forums

talked about bod meeting. no news.

took some nominations for 2013 officers

pr officer------mike L

additional nominations in the forums

award nominations will be in the forums

next meeting will be jan 8th due to first tuesday being a holiday

year end awards party will be voted on either jan 19 or 26, need volunteer host for party.

december trip will be dec 15th to black hills, planned in the forums.

5 more members paid dues, depositing 250 into account

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