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2018 Club officers
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2013 Meeting Minutes

2013 Meeting Minutes

more info to follow

January General Membership Meeting

jan 8 membership meeting.

president jim brought the meeting to order.

minutes from the last meeting were read and approved.

members present were: riley, mike L, rich, red, branden, daren, shelley, dean, jim, lisa(4troy), john,robbie, kip, ron, tyler and jason.

secretary reports:
previous balance 52.45
deposits from dues +250
purchased plaques -138
new balance $137.67

elections for 2013 officers were held.

winning nominees were:
public relations--mike L
planning a trip for next sunday to howards, check staging area for details

year end awards party is planned for saturday, feb 2, 6pm at dean/julias house. BYOB, pot luck..details on the forums

meeting adjourned.

February Meeting Minutes

Roll call, members present, mike l, dean, Shelley, Jason, troy, red, kip, scott, tron, peter
Meeting was brought to order
Read and approved minutes from previous meeting
Treasurers report, current balance 562.67.. previous balance was 137.67, deposited 575 from dues, spent 150 on prizes, had 100 in cash to be deposited.
Old business,
Trip report from January, dean, riley and mike l went to howards
Year end party report by peter
Announced award winners
Meeting adjourned

March Meeting Minutes

Roll call, members present, Shelley, mike l, dean, jim, john, red, tyler, Jason, kip, cody, riley, rich, troy.
Read and approved minutes from last meeting
Treasurers report, current balance 787.67, received another 225 from dues since last meeting. Will be spending funds on club memberships, blue ribbon coalition, tread lightly and united 4 wheel drive association.
Old business, we have been signed up for adopt a planter. Jim will let us know when we need to work on the planter.
New business
Look for toy jeep to display in planter
Ideas for things to do, mike provided a list
April car show
June car show
Sept poker run
2013 t shirts in design process now, bring ideas to next meeting
Mentioned jeep camp
Cheap t shirts to throw to kids in parades
4th of july parade
Vets day parade
Meeting adjourned

April meeting minutes

General membership meeting, April 2, 2013
members in attendance, mike L, red, dean, jim, jason, troy, tyler, riley, branden and peter.

no guests present tonight.

meeting was brought to order at 7:08 pm

minutes from last meeting were read and approved.

treasurers report, previous balance 787.67, spent 100 on blue ribbon coalition renewal, 100 on tread lightly renewal, and 445 on united four wheel drive association renewal. recieved 50 for membership renewal. new balance 192.67

old business:
adopt a planter, planter needs cleaned out, flowers are ordered should be here next month.

this years t shirts. 2 ideas were weeded out of the numerous submitted. we will vote on the 2 and be ready to place orders at next meeting.

car show, april 20 camplex central pavilion, be there by 7:45 am so we can get set up (tire crawling) etc. then those who wish to leave and return when the show starts at noon can take off. show is noon to 5.

new business:
cliff hangers rough rider event apps are in, start a thread if you intend to go and coordinate with other attending members. event is july 12-14

with nice weather brings our weekly meet and greets around town to just get visibility and hopefully pull in a new membership or two.

we will start meeting on thursdays at 5:30 ish and coordinate meeting places via the forums.

DTC apps are out. those attending get your apps filled out and turned into dean by wednesday april 10 and the packet will get sent in.

TTT, jeep safari trip report.

meeting adjourned.

May Meeting Minutes


members present were, mike d, jason, dean, jim, shelley, mike l, red, riley, tyler, kip and ron.

there were no guests present.

meeting was brought to order at 7:01

minutes from last meeting were read and approved.

treasurers report, 192.67

old business,
2 choices were presented for this years t shirt design and a design was picked. mike l and kip were chosen for the t shirt committee and will handle ordering.

flowers for the planter will be here the 18th

friday the 24th will be the t shirt order deadline via the forums

new business

get door prizes to donate to jeep camp and dtc

log on to BH4W site to vote to get u bolt and surprise trails re opened.

may 18th club trip to camp 5

meeting adjourned 7:42

June Meeting Minutes


members present were: red, mike l, dean, jason, jim, kip, ron, riley, tyler, peter, mike d, john

guests present were: andrew and sheri, they have a 98 tj

meeting was brought to order 7:14

minutes from last meeting were read and approved.

treasurers report, 192.67

old business,

t shirt order complete as of tonight. received payments for orders tonight.

still working on prizes to donate to jeep camp and dtc

4th of july parade, we are in
rsvp in forums

riggins crawl in saturday 6/8, 5 members going over

intro to black hills, 3 members going over

jeep camp coming up

riley wheeling with Minnesota guys next thursday

trip reports:

meeting adjourned 8;00

July Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes july 2013
Meeting was brought to order at 7:04 by jim el presidentay
Members present were mike l, jim, dean, mike d, kip, ron, red, riley, tron, Brandon, Jason and peter.
Guests present were Andrew/sheri, alex/Cynthia, and clint
Minutes from previous meeting were read and approved
Treasurers report, down to 6.67 t shirts were paid for
Old business
Some past t shirts were donated to jeep camp for door prizes. Mike l donated some items he had laying around in his garage as well.
New business
4th of july parade, stage at 9am parade starts at 10am. We stage on 1st street in front of deluxe autobody
We received planter of the month from the city for our planter in front of the ford dealership.
Trip reports
Dean/mike l talked about trip to riggens crawl in
Andrew attended and talked about the intro to the black hills run
Mike l talked about the jeep camp run
Riley talked about his week day trip with some friends.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:48

August Meeting Minutes

August meeting minutes:
Meeting was brought to order at 7;00
Members present were, jim, mike L, tyler, Jason, red, john, riley, ron, dean. Guests present were alex/Cynthia
Minutes from previous meeting were read and approved.
Old business:
T shirt designs discussed for 2014
Dean and john volunteered for 2014 t shirt committee
We received a 50 dollar gift certificate from the parade committee for getting 1st place in our division in the 4th of july parade. It’s a buy Gillette (gold bucks)certificate so is redeemable at various local vendors.
Numerous ttt interruptions were noted by mike L, graciously taking notes for this meeting.
New business,
Suggestion from the floor to try a different place for monthly meeting. Prairie fire brewery offered discounts etc to give them a try so our next meeting Tuesday sept 3rd will be at the brewery as a test to see if we like it. All members present voted for the change.
Trip reports.
Camp 5 trip
4th of july parade
Reports on the forums
Meeting adjourned 7;45

sept meeting minutes

Meeting minutes, sept 3rd general membership
Meeting location moved to prairie fire brewery for something different
Members present, kip, tyler, red, Jason, ron, mike L, dean, riley, peter, john, jim
Guests present, Andrew and alex.
Minutes were read via website and approved from last meeting.
Old business
Treasurers report, balance $6.67, received 12 for a shirt, 20 for decals, 70 for dues(2 new members) and 50 from dean buying the gold bucks certificate since the club won’t use it and can use the money instead. New balance 158.67
2014 t shirts, dean and john volunteered to be t shirt committee. Bring your t shirt idea submissions to next meeting.
New business,
Heads up on cleaning out the flower bed in the near future. Notification will be posted on the website.
Sept trip, going to franks. Details to be posted on website in staging area. Newcastle may be planned as well for sept.
Next months meeting will be back at pokeys.
Trip reports, Shelley, cody, dean, mike L, john, and riley attended the 2013 dakota territory challenge. Tyler, Jason and red went to casper and wheeled with the back country guys at poison spider park.
2 new members paid dues and joined the club tonight.
Andrew leistritz with a white tj and alex gunn with a black yj.
Welcome to the club guys
Meeting adjourned.

october meeting minutes

guest- Kyle

October 2013 meeting

- oct 10 th planter clean out 6 pm
- $75 to fallen warriors donation
- November meeting place Pokys or the Brewery if sound barriers are in
- Franks run maybe 10-26
- black hills run 10-19
- 2014 t shirt ideas due by Dec meeting, vote at dec meeting on design

november club meeting


minutes from last meeting read and approved
December meeting we will vote on t shirt design
discussed Canadians wanting to wheel with us
need location for end of year party
nominations for officers for 2014 at December meeting
Veterans Day parade discussed
Christmas Parade discussed
Run for the Fallen in Rapid, Jim is going

meeting adjourned at 740 pm

december general membership meeting

Present: Mike, Jason, Red, John, Jim, Alex, Riley, Brandon, Peter, Andrew

Minutes read from last meeting and approved
treasurers report, $75 issued for run for the fallen, new balance $83.67

Old business-
T-shirt design voted on- definition of wheeling in green.
Christmas Parade- discussion was held and vote was to not participate.
End of year party- at Jim's shop on 1-18-14 at 600pm.
Ordering of flowers for 2014 planter- Jim and Brandon will do.
Officer nominations- nominations from tonight's meeting will be posted and other nominations can be done until 12-20-13.

Possible Dec trip would be 12-21-13 at Howards
Jim brought up making contact with County or City to possibly get rocks from, and then hauling them to Howards.

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