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2015 Meeting Minutes

January Meeting Minutes

Meeting was brought to order at 7:05 pm
members present, rich, jim, john, dean, mike L, jason, tyler, red, riley and alex.
december minutes were approved.
treasurers report, $858.53 in checking, $75 to deposit, $98.91 to go out for year end plaques.
old business,
off road park meeting jan 26th. last months meeting see website for report.
bighorns, no progress to report.
year end party confirmed for jan 24th deans house.
riggens, need ideas to expand event, weekend, ring joust, name.

mile high jeep club event in first week of august. more details to follow. and on facebook page.
trip reports.
parade, see forums for trip report.

voting for 2015 officers.
president, riley
vp, jim
sec/treas, dean
pr, mike L
bod, rich, alex

new officers elected.
meeting adjourned.

feb meeting minutes

members present, rich, john, dean, kip, mike l, shelley, jason, cody, peter, riley, Brandon, Andrew, alex, nick, clint.

march meeting minutes

meeting was brought to order by president riley. 7:05 pm
members present were: mike l, dean, jim, red, nick, rich, troy, tyler, jason, clint, riley.
guests present were: tyler conley.
treasurers report: previous balance 858.53, deposited 935, spent 164.63. new balance 1554.99

feb minutes were in error, reposted jan minutes. unable to approve feb minutes.
old news, waiting on county survey for offroad park to move forward.
riley spoke with brad riggens, he is all for us takkking over the riggens crawl in.
still need ideas for the event
april car show, we will attend if invited.
shirts. branden on shirt committee
hold over previous leftover shirts to give away at riggens crawl in.
riggens committee and board of directors to meet next month.
meeting adjourned 8:01

April meeting minutes

meeting brought to order by President Riley 7:02

members present were: dean, jim, mike L, red, jason, riley, Brandon, troy, peter and rich.

minutes from last meeting were read and approved.

treasurers report, previous balance 1554.99, paid 100 for tread lightly, received 50 in dues, new balance 1504.99

old news
offroad park, waiting on surveying to be completed for the complex board. then will attend the next complex board meeting for progress report.

riggens crawl in, need ideas for the event, name?,special events, etc.
tentatively planned for june 6th, pretrip and trail maintenance may 23 or 24th.

shirts,brandon on committee?

old club shirts to be given away at the crawl in

BOD meeting to be held 4-10, 7pm at pokeys.

Car show for race track April 18th, be there at 8am for set up.

Possible trip to Franks April 25th or 26th.

May 16th, Black hills open, annual iceman ice breaker trip with BH4W

meeting adjourned 7:52

April BOD meeting

The BOD met at Pokeys, Friday April 10th at 7pm .

Members present were:
Pres Riley, VP Jim, Sec/Tres Dean, PR Mike L, BOD Rich and Alex, guest Kip.

Items discussed, modification of bylaws to include
1) changing club dues to be due in November, delinquent in December
2) changing term limits to 2 years for officers
3) change radio requirements to include VHS radios and cell phones. CB radios are being phased out.
4) dates and times for the crawl in

changes were approved, and will be updated.

meeting adjourned.

May meeting minutes

may 5th, 7pm, the meeting was brought to order by our president Riley.

members present: dean, mike L, john, shelley, clint, tyler, jason, B riggens, red and riley.

minutes from last meeting were read and approved.

treasurers report: no changes, 1504.99

old business,
offroad park, still working on survey. B suggested we check on wyoming highway safety money to help build park.

Krawl in, will be june 6th. post invites via facebook
mike and dean will check out trail weekend of 5/24 to see what we need to do to get ready for krawl in.

talked about the BOD meeting, changed bylaws to change due date of dues to be due in November, deliq in December. then we do officer nominations December, vote January. new officers take office conclusion of Januarys meeting. term limits changed from 3 to 2 years.

new business:
t shirts, simple design voted on, dean to ge a proof put together and start an order thread on the website.

trip report, dean, clint, riley, terrisa, Brandon and mike L, attended the annual racetrack car show at complex central pavilion.

dean commented we should not attend this event anymore. it gets smaller and smaller every year and is rather boring.

we will be planting flowers on Saturday the 16th

we will be participating in the 4th of july parade.

possibly joining the bh4w in the iceman run on sunday the 17th

meeting adjourned

June meeting minutes

minutes mia
members in attendance,jim, john, dean, mike l, jason, tyler, riley, brandon, clint.

July meeting minutes

july 7 2015
meeting brought to order
members present, red, tyler, clint, riley, kip, mike l, rich, ron, and jason.

treasurer not present
guests, none present

old business:
offroad park, reported dirt removed from draws and transported to race track. no date set for next complex meeting.

tax id/non profit, needs to be renewed.

tshirts, no order until more sign up, is there kids sizes? Andrew asked.

flower bed needs weeds pulled

new business,

3 j's from Sheridan want us to go over and open/run/clean a trail in the bighorns. trail has potential to be a 5,

kips jeep can go wheelin today quoted

possibility of entering belle fouche 4th of july parade.

upcoming runs:
all4fun in Colorado aug 8th
rough rider rendezvous july 17-19
possible club run will post on forums

meeting adjourned

aug meeting

Aug meeting, aug 4 2015

meeting brought to order

members present, dean, mike l, riley, clint, kip, ron, rich,

read minutes from last meeting and approved.

treasurers report, 1504.99

old business, next meeting for offroad park not scheduled. inspected draws and no evidence dirt has been moved.

tshirts, need more ordered before going forward with the order.

flower bed still needs attention

wed night 6pm, pull weeds

new business: trip report, cliny talked about july trip to camp 5.

meeting adjourned

sept meeting minutes

minutes mia,

members present, mike l, jason, tyler, red, riley

oct mtg minutes

members present, dean, mike l, jason, tyler, mike d, riley.
no minutes to approve from last meeting,
no guests were present.
treasurers report:1504.99
old business, no word on offroad park
discussed 2015 tshirt a bust, no order being placed. start work on 2016 shirts instead.
trip report, dean mike l and riley attended the 2015 DTC.
need to clean out flower bed, see website and facebook for info

reminder, dies are due in november, delinquient end of dec meeting. nominations in december, voting in and new officers take seats in january.

possible run, franks, costume run 10/25

mtg adjourned.

november meeting minutes

nov 3rd, general membership meeting.

members present, dean, mike d, red, jason, mike l, riley, tyler and clint.

old business., flower bed needs cleaned out, mike d volunteered to take care of tomorrow.
t shirts, 2015 shirt order was a fail, extended to be the 2016 t shirt.
no word on off road park other than their request for non profit status. we need to Talk to them about that.

new business,
dean noted the website hosting needs renewed. $144 for the next year. renewal was put to a vote. unanimous to renew. motion carried. plaques were ordered for year end awards, $81, parade of lights $25 entry fee, check given to mike l.
year end party to be hosted by dean/julia jan 16th. details to be posted.

club dues are do this month, and delinquent end of december meeting.

meeting adjourned

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